A brief and random selection of images from my three more comprehensive Humans Galleries:
Humans in the Studio                             Humans on Location                              Humans as Art (NSFW)
I have established these three galleries because they clearly describe the differentiation of how I shoot humans. Portraiture is a common subject of many photographers, and I do that both in the studio, and sometimes on location. I like to think my portraiture is just a little different from most - people being real in their element, and in their own selves. I simply capture the moments when they get there. The Humans as Art gallery contains mainly 'bodyscapes' - cryptic images of familiar forms: human bodies. We all have them, they are all different, and they are all beautiful. If, for some reason, you are offended by boobs, bits or butts, I humbly suggest you don't go there. 
Morning light
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