Camera traps aren't just for capturing imagery of animals! In fact, most camera trapping is actually performed in studios and laboratories - it enables us to trigger either stills or video cameras with precision (down to microsecond, or millionths of a second) timing. Try doing that with your finger on the shutter button! This small selection of fun images I have taken over the years hopefully gives you some insight into how camera trapping for precision remote camera applications opens a whole new world of scientific and artistic possibilities. 
Air pistol pellet leaving the muzzle at about 450 fps.
Balloon frozen mid-pop using open flash technique. 30 people in the workshop captured the same moment on their cameras.
Above: 4 colored water droplets. Below: Air pistol pellet plowing through droplets
Air pellet rebounding from steel ball on golf tee. The arc in front of the ball is the trajectory of the specular highlight
Droplet collision
Golf club hitting ball at approx 105 mph. Notice the forward blur...
Dart dropped vertically onto a balloon
Air pistol pellet approaching steel ball on tee at about 450 fps
Spinning card with colored strobes - Cognisys StopShot Studio
Droplet collision
Half microsecond exposure of pellet having entered a well of blue water (Pellet traveling verticall downward)
Colored water droplet demonstrating a Worthington Jet
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